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“In literature it is only the wild that attracts us. Dullness is but another name for tameness. It is the free and wild thinking in Hamlet and the Iliad, in all the scriptures and mythologies, not learned in the schools, that delights us.  As the wild duck is more swift and beautiful than the tame, so is the wild—the mallard—thought.” —HD Thoreau

Published in Nevada City, CA, 1994—2001

Editor & Publisher:  Casey Walker

Advisory Board included:  Will Baker, Jim Dodge, Robert Hass, Elizabeth Herron, Jane Hirshfield, George Keithley, Joanna Macy, Jerry Martien, Marilynne Robinson, Joanna Robinson, Gary Snyder

Photographer: Hank Meals

Interns: Estrella Acosta, Elissa Weber, Maria Melendez, Olivia Boler, & Christian Kiefer

ISSN: 1085-8555 / Copyright 1994-present Wild Duck Review All Rights Reserved

Issue 20: End of Human Nature?

Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Martha Herbert, Keekok Lee, Francisco Varela, Suzanne Romaine, Tina Stevens, Bill Joy, Craig Holdrege, and Bill McKibben/ Essays by Florence Shepard, Chris Desser, Terry Tempest Williams, Nelson Foster, and Jim Dodge/ Poetry by Jerry Martien, Galway Kinnell, Jane Hirshfield, Mike Connelly, and David Hinton.

Issue 19: Biotechnology

Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Stuart Newman, Andrew Kimbrell, Richard Hayes, Richard Strohman, Freeman House, Kristin Dawkins, and Martin Teitel/ Essays by Wendell Berry, Chris Desser, David Loy, Jack Turner, Catherine Keller, and David Petersen/Poetry by Gerard Manley Hopkins, Elizabeth Herron, Maya Khosla, and Jerry Martien/Letter from Marti Crouch.

Issue 18: Media

Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Todd Gitlin, Marilynne Robinson, Lewis Lapham, David Quammen, Mark Dowie, Thomas Frank, Mark Crispin Miller, Don Hazen, and Neil Postman. Essays by Jack Turner, Thomas Frank, and Jim Dodge/ Poetry by Will Baker, Jack Bailey, Jim Dodge, and Jerry Martien/ Letters from readers.

Issue 17: Education

Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Joseph Chilton Pearce, Jane Healy, David Noble, Fritjof Capra, Heather-jane Robertson, and David Kidner/ Essays by David Orr, Jim Dodge, Chet Bowers, and CSUHumboldt students/ Poetry by Anita Barrows/ Letters from Wendell Berry and Joanna Macy/ Book review by Ken Wright.

Issue 16: “Population, Immigration, & Carrying Capacity”  Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Charlene Spretnak, Chet Bowers, Arne Naess, Stephanie Mills, and Dick Dorworth/ Essays by Joanna Macy, Gary Snyder, Dave Foreman, Jim Dodge, David Petersen, George Sessions, Monique Miller, and Leon Bouvier/ Poetry by CL Rawlins and Elizabeth Herron/ Book review by Jerry Martien.

Issue 15: “Paul Shepard & Human Ecology”  Editor’s Introduction/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Stephen Kellert, and Bernie Krause. Interview by Christian Kiefer and Casey Walker with Galway Kinnell/ Memoir by Florence Shepard (Paul Shepard: Thinking Animal & Tender Carnivore)/ Essays by William Severini Kowinski, Barbara Dean, Barbara Ras, Dolores LaChapelle, Steve Chase, and Joseph Meeker.

Issue 14: Interviews by Casey Walker with Jim Harrison, Pattiann Rogers, Doug Peacock, and George Keithley/ Poetry by Lynn Lyman Trombetta and Jane Hirshfield/ Letters from Robert Michael Pyle, Jerry Martien, Dolores LaChapelle, Mary Kwart, and Julie Carville.

Issue 13:  Forum essays on Jack Turner’s The Abstract Wild: Elizabeth Herron, David Lukas, George Sessions, Jack Turner/ Interviews by Casey Walker with Davis TeSelle, Michael Soule, and Robert Michael Pyle/ Poetry by Jerry Martien, Jim Harrison, Paul Willis, and Danielle Alexich/ Nonfiction by Scott Lipanovich.

Issue 12:  Interviews by Casey Walker with Jack Turner, Anne Ehrlich, Doug Tompkins, and Rick Bass/ Prose by Ed McClanahan and David Beasley.

Issue 11: Wordslingers Festival: Interviews by Casey Walker with Carl Mautz and Harold Berliner/ Essays by Gary Snyder, Hank Meals, and Sands Hall/ Nonfiction by Carole Koda and Jeanne Wakatsuki/ Fiction by Jim Paul/ Poetry by Gary Short and Al Young/ Prose by Jim Houston.

Issue 10: Interviews by Casey Walker with David Abram, Ed McClanahan, and Dolores LaChapelle (DH Lawrence)/ Poetry by Pattiann Rogers, Allison Hawthorne Deming, and Gail Rudd Entrekin/ Non-fiction by Robert Michael Pyle/ Essay by Susan Wooldridge.

Issue 9: Interviews by Casey Walker with Marc Reisner, Wendell Berry, Lucy Blake, and Dave Foreman/ Essays by Jordan Fisher-Smith and Sands Hall/ Poetry by Charles Entrekin/ Fiction by Will Baker/ Non-fiction by Jerry Martien.

Issue 8:  Interviews by Casey Walker with Carl Pope, Jane Hirshfield, Senator Tom Hayden, and Steve Sanfield/ Poetry by Scott McLean/ Memoir by Dolores Freeman.

Issue 7:  Interviews by Casey Walker with Joanna Macy, Jerry Mander, and Terry Tempest Williams/ Poetry by Anita Barrows, Elizabeth Herron, Philip Daughtry, and Taylor Graham/ Essay by George Sessions/ Book excerpts by Arlene Bernstein and Donna Saunders.

Issue 6: Interviews by Casey Walker with Gary Snyder, Sandra McPherson, and Walter Pavlich/ Interviews by Olivia Boler with Jack Shoemaker and Jane Vandenburgh/ Essays by George Sessions and Karla Arens/ Poetry by Christian Kiefer and Lonnie Hull DuPont.

Issue 5: Interviews by Casey Walker with Annick Smith. William Kittredge, David Brower, and Louis B. Jones/ Poetry by Wendell Berry, Jordan Fisher-Smith, and Molly Fisk/ Essays by Eric Peach, Kerri Varian, and George Sessions.

Issue 4: Interviews by Casey Walker with Paul Ehrlich, Reinette Senum, and James Karman/ Essay by Utah Phillips/ Poetry by Francisco Alarcon, Chris Sindt, and Gary Snyder/ Story by Doc Dachtler.

Issue 3: Photography Issue: Interview by Casey Walker with John Vasconcellos/ Poetry by George Keithley, Gary Snyder, Lenore Wilson, and Grace Grafton/ Non-fiction by Gerald Haslam/ Essays by Hank Meals and Donna Hanelin.

Issue 2:  Interviews by Casey Walker with George Sessions, Philip Levine. Interview by Karla Arens with Maude Meehan/ Poetry by Jordan Fisher-Smith and Jerry Martien/ Fiction by Joan Stockbridge/ Essay by Eric Brotman.

Issue 1: Poetry by Karla Arens, John Barbato, Doc Dachtler, Jim Dodge, Steve Grundmeier, and Steve Sanfield/ Fiction by Sean Swift/ Story by Utah Phillips/ Essay by Will Baker.

*Issue 19 was republished by Sierra Club Books as Made Not Born: The Troubling World of Biotechnology, 2000.

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