Casey S. Walker has been thinking and creating independently since 1994, when she founded the literary and environmental journal Wild Duck Review. Over the next seven years, she produced 20 book-length issues and grew circulation to 48 US states and 13 countries. Reprints, reviews, and citations appeared in publications such as Wendell Berry’s Thy Life is a Miracle, Harper’s Magazine, SF Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and in a number of anthologies. In 2000, Sierra Club Books published Issue 19 of Wild Duck Review as Made Not Born: The Troubling World of Biotechnology. Walker gave interviews on national media, participated in conferences, and began speaking out on what she saw as a crisis in news media and public discourse. In 2004, she founded the Institute for Inquiry to pursue high-stakes, bio-cultural issues, beginning with “A Wireless Age?”. By 2009, Walker took off in solitary pursuit of a firm intuition: that the accepted idea of news media and public discourse is itself paradigmatically ‘off.’ Working out new theory (and architectural principles for an online platform) consumed the following 11 years.